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The Hearing Garden has closed shop due to unforeseen circumstances. Clients can call Rachel Clark Audiology at 484-880-0829, or write to Listen-to-Life (in Roxborough) at [email protected]

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Welcome to the Hearing Garden

The Hearing Garden has been measuring hearing loss, evaluating for hearing aids and supplying appropriate amplification for seven years in Roxborough. Our aim is to help people communicate in all their various environments.

At The Hearing Garden we are your partners. We'll help you decide what will work to maximize your hearing in every one of your environments. We offer hearing aids, TV listeners, aural training, tinnitus therapy, and unlimited counseling.

Our Promise to You 


improved quality of live

  • Will your quality of life in terms of enjoyment, relationships and health improve if you wear hearing aids?
  • Will you have more cognitive energy, or brain power, if you wear hearing aids?
  • Will hearing aids help to mitigate the effects of dementia?
  • Will you have more confidence around family and friends if you wear hearing aids?

The answer to these questions is YES if you have hearing loss. Communication directly links the ear to the heart, and the heart connects us to other people. Poor communication due to a hearing problem can lead to lack of confidence, slowing of social skills, poorer overall health and depression. Today's hearing aids are stylish, nearly invisible, and very helpful.

Hearing Aids

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