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Patient Testimonials

Evelyn Facciolo in Roxborough had a pair of hearing aids she purchased elsewhere. These hearing aids were broken, so we got them fixed. At that point we found that they not only over-amplified environmental noises that she would rather not hear, but that they were making noise themselves. So we did a hearing test and reprogrammed her hearing aids to fit her hearing exactly.

Mrs. Facciolo is so kind that she wrote me a note. Here’s what it said:

To Leila,

Thanks so much for helping me with the hearing aids. I now can use them without hearing too much noise like I did before. Thanks for your time and patience. Have a nice holiday!

Evelyn Facciolo

Frank Furey of Roxborough recently wrote on Yelp a couple of months after buying a pair of hearing aids at The Hearing Garden:

I am extremely pleased with the service I have received from The Hearing Garden. On-going support and follow-up was effective and promptly available. I would highly recommend The Hearing Garden to anyone wanting to find solid assessment of their hearing and both assistance and guidance on pursuing amplification.
I can hear everything! I love my hearing aid that I got at The Hearing Garden. Thank you.Maryann Majka of Roxborough
I like my hearing aids from The Hearing Garden because you can’t see them. Another reason is whenever I call Leila about them not working due to wax she always tells me to come right over. She fixes them on the spot and doesn’t charge a nickel. She is pleasant and has Personality Plus. So glad I found The Hearing Garden. I would recommend The Hearing Garden to others.Robert Tozzi
Since I don't drive, Leila comes to the house if there's a problem with one of my hearing aids.Mrs. Mary Kubrak of East Falls
"I was told twenty years ago by an expert not to get a second hearing aid, and I really took those words to heart. Since then, I refused to try. Finally when I was loaned a second hearing aid, I found out how much better I hear! It’s a shame I waited all these years. I would recommend The Hearing Garden." Carol Donhauser, retired medical practice administrator, Roxborough
The service at The Hearing Garden is good! They are open every day plus Saturdays and some evenings. Their prices are better than their competitors' in the area. I know because I shopped around.Dave Omler, Roroxborough resident and owner of two Phonak hearing aids from The Hearing Garden
I was pleasantly surprised to find that The Hearing Garden gives a 45 day trial instead of a 30-day one.RG, Bryn Mawr
Having a 'dead ear,' or single-sided hearing loss, on the left side didn't bother me until recently.  The hearing in my better ear is now not as good as it was.  So I got a BI-CROS system, which transmits sounds from the 'dead' side over to the other side where I wear a specially equipped hearing aid.  Now I can hear sounds from both sides!BC, Mt. Airy
I think having a wearing aid is cool.  It's a digital high-tech instrument programmed according to your individual tastes, to give you the listening experience you want.  It's compatible with Bluetooth device like MP3 players, cell phones and TVs.OW, Roxborough
My first hearing aid gave me a terrible time. From one week to the next I would forget how to put the thing in my ear. At The Hearing Garden the fitting specialist was super patient. I kept telling her she is the most patient person I have ever met.  I asked, 'Have you ever met anyone as backward about this as me?' No one ever rushed me or made me feel silly.  And now I have it all worked out. I'm on my second hearing aid. I wish I hadn't waited so long for the first.MAG, Ardmore
I always have cared about my looks, so I was depressed when my doctor suggested I get a hearing aid.  My family had been yelling at me for years to get one.  I took my sister along with me to the Hearing Garden for moral support, but still I was so upset.  It took me two hours to decide on a hearing aid.  I felt that my brain came to a standstill regarding this hearing aid. Anyway, after it was delivered no one could see it in my ear, and it sounded great.
I stayed home because I couldn't hear what people said to me.  But I got bored staying home, watching TV. Now [with hearing aids] I understand what people are saying to me most of the time. I don't feel embarrassedTW, Plymouth Meeting
I didn’t realize how much conversation I missed until I got hearing aids.Mrs. AA, Roxborough